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Irwin Car’s industrial product line includes

  • Turntables and Transfer Tables
  • Furnace Cars & Coil Cars
  • Ladle Cars & Scrap Cars
  • Industrial Locomotives
  • Wheels Assemblies
  • Crane Wheels & Sheave Wheels
  • Stock Crane Wheels
  • Gantry Crane Wheels & Wheel Assemblies (Gantry & Trolley)
  • Maintenance of Way (MoW) Equipment (Wheels & Wheel Assemblies)
  • Custom Steel Wheels
  • Custom Material Handling Equipment
  • Industrial Filtration Solutions
And more…

For more than 125 years, the world has turned to Irwin Car to support it’s heavy duty material handling equipment needs. From steel mills to shipyards, aluminum mills to cargo ports and forging operations to mining operations, Irwin Car has been engineering and manufacturing custom transfer cars, furnace cars, ladle cars, scrap cars, ingot cars, coil cars, crane wheels, sheave wheels, heavy-duty industrial wheels and wheel assemblies to meet the specialized needs of a immensely diverse customer base.

In addition to Irwin’s diverse line of off-the-shelf solutions, we are the best in the business when it comes to creating custom equipment solutions to improve your operations and lower your operating costs. Irwin Car has built it’s reputation on taking on projects that nobody else wants to tackle, and have helped our customers push the boundaries of their production and manufacturing goals. Setting the standard for rugged dependability and reliability, Irwin Car solves problems to keep your operations on track in the harshest industrial environments.

Irwin's standard and custom industrial wheels and wheel assemblies can handle loads of up to 120 tons per wheel or more, and withstand operating temperatures up to 1200⁰F.

Irwin crane wheels and sheave wheels are raising the bar for durability, reliability and rapid delivery in the overhead crane and lifting markets. Irwin crane wheels are all engineered to meet the demanding service requirements of EOT, gantry, dockside, ship unloader and portal crane applications, as well as heavy industrial applications such as steel mills, aluminum mills, melt shops, etc. Each and every application is reviewed and evaluated and we provide valuable feedback on how you can reduce wear, extend crane wheel life, increase capacity, etc. Produced from the highest quality steels, custom heat-treated for your specific needs and inspected in our state-of-the art QC lab, Irwin is proud to offer what many satisfied customers believe are the shortest lead times in the industry.

Irwin Car is dedicated to providing customers with the right solutions on the right budget, both standard and custom. Experts in crane wheel design calculations, Irwin can support you in engineering the solution to your overhead crane and gantry crane issues. We bring the breadth of our engineering expertise and the weight of our experience to bear on your project, ensuring proper crane wheel material specification decisions are made, reviewing the wheel and rail interface, as well as saving you time and money to help you increase productivity.